How to install an SSL Certificte

Before you can install an SSL Certificate you must first have followed the steps in the articles for "How to Generate a Key File" and also "How to Generate a CSR". You are also required to have a Dedicated IP number.

If you have reached this part then you've already created your KEY file and your CSR file. You've also already purchased your SSL Certificate and now you're ready for the final steps to bring your SSL Certificate online.

If you have not already chosen an SSL Company, please check out

  1. First, lets log into the control panel on your domain

  2. Depending on your version of cPanel, you will have one of two icons. Click on the SSL Installer icon (cPanel 10)
    Click on SSL/TLS Manager icon, and then click on Setup a SSL Certificate to Work with your Site. (cPanel 11)

  3. Choose the domain you wish to install from the drop down menu at the top

    NOTE: If you are REPLACING an existing certificate, please uninstall the old certificate first by clicking the Delete Host button at the top of the page.

  4. In the first section you will want to paste the CRT file that you recieved from the place you purchased your SSL Cert.  If you purchased through Hands-On SSL, the CRT will be pasted in the email. You can also get it by extracting the .zip file and opening the CRT file using a text editor like notepad.

  5. The KEY file (second section) shoudl automatically show up. 
    If it does not, you can click FETCH and it should import. 
    If it does not, you will want to paste a copy of your KEY file into this section.

  6. The last part is the .CA file. This is a Certificate Authority file. Some SSL Companies provide this. If yours does, you need to paste the contents of the CA file into this section.  Hands-On SSL provides CA files, so if you purchased your certificate through us, you need to use the CA file.

  7. Click the "Do It" button (or "Install Certificate") and wait.
Your SSL Certficate should now be installed. To test it, go to (substituting your actual domain name, and removing the www if you opted not to use www in your certificate)

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