ISPmanager configuration file

Users management module

  • path DefaultHomeDir - specifies users home directory (full paath). Do not modify this parameter once you start using ISPmanager as it may lead to unexpected effects! Default values:
  • Linux - /var/www
  • FreeBSD - /home
  • path DefaultShell - specified the full path to the command interpreter. Default values:
  • Linux - /bin/bash
  • FreeBSD - /bin/csh

FTP-users management module

  • FTP <FTP-server> <Storage> - this parameters indicates if the FTP-server is installed and configured. Where:
    • FTP-server - short name of the FTP-server. Possible values: proftpdpureftpd and vsftpd.
    • Storage - type of the storage of virtual users. Currently only file is supported.
 Example: FTP proftpd file
  • path proftpd.conf - path to the ProFTPd FTP-server configuration file. The default value is /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf
  • path pure-ftpd-etc - path to the directory with Pure-FTPd configuration files. The default value is /etc/pure-ftpd/
  • path vsftpd.conf - path to the vsFTPd FTP-server configuration file. The default value is /etc/vsftpd.conf

Web-domains management module

Configuration parameters of this module are described in the article ISPmanager: Web-server configuration.

Domain names management module

  • DNS - this parameter and other parameters of the domain names base module in COREmanager 5 (that is used by ISPmanager 5) are described in the article "DNS settings".
  • SPFRelayIP - list of IP addresses that are by default included in to TXT-record "v=spf1" that is automatically created while adding a domain name.
  • ViewName - name of view that is used by ISPmanager for creating domain zones.
  • DnsNsMasterIp - if external name servers are used, this parameter has a priority when specifying master zones created on external name servers. If it is not specified, one of server's IP addresses is used.
  • DomainContact - value from the "Administrator email" field specified in the domain settings form.
  • NameServers - value from the "Name server" field specified in the domain settings form.
  • MailServers - value from the "Mail servers" field specified in the domain settings form.
  • DefaultARecords -value from the "Subdomains" field specified in the domain settings form.
  • Option NoSPFRecord - this option disables automatic creation of TXT-records "v=spf1" when creating a domain name.
  • DnsHostname - parameter describing format of SOA-record, by default uses hostname.

Databases management module

  • DBCacheMaxDelay - maximum delay in seconds before the next request for actual database size is sent. See the article Database size for more information
  • MySQLDumpOptions - list of additional parameters of the mysqldump command line
  • PGDumpOptions - list of additional parameters of the pg_dump command line
  • path phpmyadmin-servers - path to the special configuration file phpMyAdmin where the control panel about database servers available. By default - /etc/phpmyadmin/servers.ini.php
  • path mysql - path to the mysql executable file
  • path mysqlcheck - path to the mysqlcheck executable file
  • path mysqldump - path to the mysqldump executable file
 If any of the paths specified above is not specified in the configuration file, 
 the required executable file will be searched in directories specified in the PATH environment variable.

Mail domains management module

  • MTA - mail server
  • POP3 - POP3 server
  • MailFilter - email sorter
  • Greylisting - sendmail - milter-greylist, for exim and postfix - postgrey
  • afterlogic-alias -
  • SievePipePlugin - plug-in for Sieve
  • EmailAuth - authentication method
  • DovecotPwScheme - default encoding scheme
  • GreyListKeyword - the greylisting (acl/racl) parameter, may vary depending on version
  • DkimCheck - application for DKIM check
  • WebMail - Webmail that is currently used
  • EmailAVCheck - apllication for anti-virus check
  • EmailSpamCheck - application for anti-spam check
  • path afterlogic - path to the afterlogic directory
  • path clamav-srvc - path to the clamav directory
  • path clamav-whitelist - path to clamav whitelist
  • path dovecot-passwd - path to dovecot.passwd
  • path dovecot-doveadm - path to doveadm
  • path exim-passwd - path to exim4/passwd
  • path exim-aliases - path to /exim4/aliases
  • path exim-domainips - path to exim4/domainips
  • path exim-whitelist - path to exim4/whitelist
  • path exim-blacklist - path to exim4/blacklist
  • path milter-greylist-restart - greylisting restart command
  • path greylist-conf - path to the greylisting configuration file
  • path [mtaname]-virtusertable - path to user virtual table (where [mtaname] - name of mta)
  • path [mtaname]-localhostnames - path to localhostnames (where [mtaname] - name of mta)
  • path [mtaname]-accessdb - path to access database (where [mtaname] - name of mta)
  • path [mtaname]-aliases - path to alias table (where [mtaname] - name of mta)
  • path opendkim-srvc - path to OpenDKIM
  • path opendkim-keyspath - path to OpenDKIM keys
  • path opendkim-genkey - path to opendkim-genkey
  • path postfix-postmap - path to postmap
  • path postfix-postalias - path to postalias
  • path postfix-bin - path to postfix
  • path postfix-domainips - path to domainips
  • path postfix-master - path to the postfix main configuration file
  • path postgrey-restart - postgrey restart command
  • path postgrey-recipients - path to postgrey_whitelist_recipients
  • path postgrey-clients - path to postgrey_whitelist_clients
  • path sasldb - path to sasldb
  • path db4 - path to db4
  • path saslpasswd - path to saslpasswd2
  • path sendmail-newaliases - path to newaliases
  • path sendmail-restart - команда перезапуска sendmail
  • path sendmail-mc - path to
  • path spamassassin-restart - spamassassin restart command
  • path spamassassin-localcf - path to
  • path MailHomeDir - name of the directory for email

Firewall management module

  • Firewall - name of the firewal.
  • FirewallCheckAccess - disable security checks.

Backup management module

  • path gnutar - path to the gnu tar archiver, you can also specify additional options here. PATH is used by default.
  • path gzip - path to the gzip archiver, you can also specify additional options here. PATH is used by default.
  • path cat - path to the cat utility, ou can also specify additional options here PATH is used by default.
  • path BackupTmpDir - directory for temporary files that are created during backup. Default value is var/.backup/tmp/ - relative path to the directory where ISPmanager is installed.

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