Administrators (ISPmanager)

An Administrator is a special user type which can manage the server with the same privileges as root. He can access the control panel, but such services as shell, ftp or e-mail are not available to him.

See also the article Administrator accounts. Technical details. (ISPmanager).

In this module you can add new administrators, edit their properties, delete, disable and enable them, or switch to their control panel if necessary.

Selecting the "Superuser" check box in the administrator edit form allows you to create a full-fledged account with shell access.

Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of administrators
Image:T-new.png Add new administrator
Image:T-edit.png Edit administrator parameters
Image:T-delete.png Delete administrator
Image:T-on.png Enable the selected administrator
Image:T-off.png Disable the selected administrator


View a list of administrators

  • Login - user name that the administrator uses to gain access to the control panel:
  • Properties - properties of the administrator:
    • Image:p-on.png - this administrator account is active.
    • Image:p-off.png - this administrator account is disabled.
    • Image:p-root.png - this administrator has shell access with root privileges.

Add new administrator

To add a new administrator, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

  • User name - enter the user name to access the control panel. The name may contain the Latin alphabet letters, figures and the symbols ".", "-" and "_".
  • Password - enter the password to access the control panel. The password can be randomly generated by the system. To get one, click a special button next to the field.
  • Confirm - retype the password for confirmation. If it was randomly generated, confirmation is set automatically.
  • Superuser - check the box to enable shell access with root privileges for this administrator. Note. The ApplicationsScheduler (Cron)Access to modulesServer parameters and Plug-ins (ISPmanager)modules are only available for administrators with superuser permissions.
  • Access - choose functions that the newly created administrator will be able to access.
    • to all functions - the administrator is allowed to access all the system functions.
    • to specified functions only - the administrator is allowed to access the functions listed below. To ensure correct operation of your control panel, add desktop keepalive logon to the list of functions.
    • to all but specified functions - the administrator is allowed to access all the system functions but those listed below.
  • Function list - list the functions that the administrator is allowed or not allowed to access (depending on the field selected above).
  • E-mail - enter the e-mail for notifications and messages form the Support centre. Image:isp_pro.png
  • Send message - check the box to send the new account notification. You can add a new message in the Email templates module. Image:isp_pro.png

Edit administrator parameters

To edit an administrator account, locate the administrator you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete administrator

To delete an administrator, select him from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the administrator by clicking "OK" in the following window.


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