Install Oscam On Ubuntu

Everything in “….” needs to be typed without the “…”
ALWAYS read the output and see if anything failed.

1. First make sure all the compilers are installed:
“sudo apt-get install build-essential”
“sudo apt-get install cmake”

2. Install ubuntu support for card readers – usb and pcsc
“sudo apt-get install libusb-dev”
“sudo apt-get install pcscd pcsc-tools libpcsclite-dev”

3. Install the yum package manager and subversion so we can get the oscam source
“sudo apt-get install yum”
“sudo apt-get install subversion”

4. Then make a directory for OSCAM Versions:
“cd /usr/src”
“sudo mkdir OSCAM_VERSIONS”

5. Check Out (Download) OSCAM source:
“sudo svn co oscam-svn”

When completed Note the Revision Number Checked Out, e.g.
‘Checked out revision 5051.’

The Check Out will have created a directory called oscam-svn
Rename it to reflect the revision number so that multiple versions can be maintained

“sudo mv oscam-1.10/ oscam-svn-5051/”

6. Now to actually compiling the source code, and then linking the build
We want to build with PCSC and Web Interface support.

Change into the newly downloaded oscam src directory that we renamed earlier e.g. ‘oscam-svn-5051′

“cd /usr/src/OSCAM_VERSIONS/oscam-svn-5051″

Now prepare(make) the source code with Web Interface support

“sudo cmake -DWEBIF=1″

Look out for any errors in the cmake process, if all goes well we can…
Now do a full Linux compile/make – this links all the object libraries and creates an executable program file.

“sudo make”

Finally we do an install
This copies everything to right place.

“sudo make install”

Again look out for errors.

The oscam program should now be in

7. The config files
OSCAM expects the config files to be in

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