License Activation

Activating your license

The next step after running the install script is to activate InterWorx with a license key. Activation is a bit of a misnomer as this process will also initialize the InterWorx database and setup cron jobs.

Command-line License Activation

The command-line script to activate and initialize InterWorx is /home/interworx/bin/goiworx.pex. You’d run that script just like you’d run any script. Assuming you are logged in as root:
[[email protected] ~]# /home/interworx/bin/goiworx.pex
You will then be prompted for the license key you have been assigned. Keep in mind that the license key authorization will fail if
  • The license key server cannot be contacted on TCP port 2443
  • The license key has been activated before on another server with a different IP on the primary network device (typically eth0).
Once the license is authenticated, you will be prompted for the email address and password for the master NodeWorx user. Keep in mind that it is possible to change this email address later. Also keep in mind that all server warning emails will be sent to this address. Once you have entered the credentials for the master NodeWorx user, the script will initialize the databases and the cron jobs for the InterWorx control panel and you will be ready to log in and start using it.

Browser-based License Activation

It is also possible to activate InterWorx via a web-based activation screen that is accessible after running the initial install script. This is accessible onhttps://[server ip address or DNS hostname]:2443/nodeworx. This screen will have form fields identical to what is asked in the script-based install for you to fill in, and operates behind the scenes in a similar fashion. This feature is especially nice for InterWorx license resellers who wish to give new dedicated server and VPS clients the ability to designate the master user login and password themselves.

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