InterWorx Installation Requirements

Operating System Support

InterWorx is a Linux based hosting control panel. Linux is the most popular, and (in our opinion) best platform for web hosting applications. It utilizes heavily on the RPM package system for distribution of InterWorx itself, as well as various software packages that handle all the web hosting related needs. Therefore, an RPM-compatible Linux distribution is required. In general, this includes Red Hat Linux compatible systems. As of this writing (2012-07-04), the following distributions are fully supported:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • CentOS Linux 5
  • CentOS Linux 6
The following distributions are were at one point supported, but are now past EOL (end of life) and are NO LONGER recommended or supported:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
  • CentOS Linux 3
  • CentOS Linux 4
  • Red Hat 9
If you aren’t sure which OS to choose, we recommend either Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (requires a paid subscription) or CentOS Linux 6 (free).

What about Fedora Linux?

The Fedora release, support, and maintenance schedules are much shorter than alternatives above. A new Fedora version is released every 6 months. This is great for testing new things for a limited amount of time, but not so great for web hosting where stability is a key requirement. Therefore, InterWorx does not officially support the Fedora Linux distributions, even though there are various Fedora releases that are binary compatible with the above supported Linux distributions.

Virtual Machine Support

Any virtual machine environment where the supported operating systems above can be installed, will work just fine with InterWorx. Here is a not necessarily exhaustive list:
  • VMware
  • Xen
  • VirtualBox
  • OpenVZ / Virtuozzo*
  • Rackspace Cloud
* In OpenVZ / Virtuozzo, the “Second Level Quotas” feature must be enabled for things to work properly.

InterWorx License

The final step of installation is the activation of the InterWorx License. To activate a license you need a “license key.” InterWorx license keys generally look something like: INTERWORX_XXXXXXXXX, and are sent when a license is purchased, or a demo license request is received. Details of how to activate a license are described later on.

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