Secure your Data with offsite Backup Solution.

Keep your backups, important documents and files on external servers to gain more data security.

Remote Backup Storage

Keep external copies of your most valuable data. No one expects data corruption or loss, but it is far less expensive to maintain a backup than to have to recreate it from scratch. The ServerSub Backup spaces or Backup Dedicated Servers provide a secure solution for all your backup needs.

Remote FTP Backup Storage

Store your website or server backups and files on external server through FTP access. A Backup server can store backups from multiple servers. Hosting server backups or any other stored data on server can be stored on this servers.

good solution for small and Medium business models Starting from 1GB space upto 500GB and $0.99/mo only!

Why Is It Necessary To Backup Your Server?

Backup and recovery are critical to your success in today’s information-driven business environment. You need to be able to recover in time when hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption and man-made or natural disasters happen.

Backup does not take much time and is automatic in most cases, it is easy to put your files onto another external storage and is not too expensive, depending upon what space you use to backup your data. We offered 2 different options for data backup, and you will have to choose the one that is best for you.